About Us


  • IYABO Trading Company Limited was established in 2010.
  • IYABO means “Mother has returned”.
  • IYABO Limited was born out of a passion for African fashion and its rich, unique culture and traditions.

Western culture has influenced fashion in the Caribbean for many years,  it goes without saying it became the norm.  African garb and fashion was a rare sight that would only be seen worn occasionally.

African fashion in unique, its like a beautiful face that represents Africa’s rich history. There are varied styles of dress and types of cloth that play an integral role in fashioning garments. 

IYABO we offer an array of authentic premium African printed fabrics, Lace fabrics, designer handbags, clutch purses, fascinators and geles,  fashion jewellery, and an assortment of beauty products.

IYABO Custom Closet Signature Service provides our clients with custom-tailored clothing for any occasion; wedding ceremonies, engagements, and special occasions.

Iyabo has two sub-brands in which represent our male and female branded items Ayaba Olufe and Ayo Ade.


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Wear your tradition with pride.